[Gradle Release Plugin] - creating tag:  'repository-services-1.1.2'.

This is a collection of HTTP-based services that can be used with an LDP server to add behaviors to certain resource types.

This release adds a new configuration option the the ORE and PCDM extensions, such that an administrator can assign a timeout value to the route when assembling the resources into a single graph.

By default, the internal timeout value is 30 seconds, but this value can be modified or changed to an indefinite timeout by setting it to 0.

In the ORE extension, this value can be set in the edu.amherst.acdc.exts.ore.cfg configuration file with ore.timeout=30000 (note: time is measured in milliseconds, so 30000 = 30 seconds)

The PCDM extension can be adjusted in a similar way by setting pcdm.timeout=30000 in the edu.amherst.acdc.exts.pcdm.cfg file.