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Repository Extension Services 1.1.0

This is a collection of HTTP-based services that can be used with an LDP server to add behaviors to certain resource types.

This release contains two new extensions:

  • An RDFS entailment service. Given an RDF graph, this service will entail the graph with inferred triples, based on simple RDFS entailment rules. The ontologies used for inference are defined at runtime by configuration.

  • An ORE aggregation service. Given a composite ORE resource, this service will follow ore:aggregates links, assembling multiple resources into a single aggregated resource.

All of these services are deployable in Karaf and are compatible with the API-X framework.

For anyone who has previously used these services, the main difference is that repository resources are referred to with the context query parameter. So for the resource at http://localhost/repo/ldp/path/to/resource, a repository service refers to that resource like this:


All of the services follow this pattern.