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Update to jdk11

acoburn requested to merge update_to_jdk11 into master

The changes here fall into three closely interrelated categories:

  1. Update build environment to Gradle 4.x (required for compiling w/ JDK 11)
  2. Update code/build environment to support JDK 11
  3. Remove fcrepo-camel dependency

Removing the fcrepo-camel dependency makes building with JDK 11 considerably easier (and possibly necessary, since I couldn't get it to work otherwise). Doing so aligns this code more closely to core Camel components (i.e. camel-http4) and it also significantly reduces the dependency footprint of this code by not requiring Spring or an old version of Jena.

It is worth noting that the next release should be a minor version bump (1.1.x -> 1.2.0), as some of the configuration values have changed.

When run on JDK 10 or 11, the integration tests that launch a local Fedora application will spew about 25,000 lines of error messages (just be prepared!), but those can be ignored for the sake of these tests. That's something that would need to be fixed on the Fedora side.

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