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Merge branch 'ldpath_ext' into 'master'

add missing ldpath extension

Forgot to add this...

See merge request !82
parents 969a3fae 97481880
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ by making available a REST-based HTTP interface. The intention is that these ext
* [`acrepo-exts-fits`](acrepo-exts-fits): This service will return FITS information associated with a Fedora Binary, in XML format
* [`acrepo-exts-image`](acrepo-exts-image): An image manipulation service
* [`acrepo-exts-jsonld`](acrepo-exts-jsonld): This module exposes an HTTP endpoint for creating compact JSON-LD documents from a Fedora repository using a pluggable context document
* [`acrepo-exts-ldpath`](acrepo-exts-ldpath): This module extends `fcrepo-ldpath` to support additional Linked Data endpoints (e.g. Getty)
* [`acrepo-exts-pcdm`](acrepo-exts-pcdm): This constructs a complete PCDM object graph for Fedora resources
* [`acrepo-exts-serialize-xml`](acrepo-exts-serialize-xml): This service translates Fedora RDF documents into MODS/XML or DC/XML
* [`acrepo-exts-template`](acrepo-exts-template): A module for converting Fedora resources into some other form, using a [mustache]( template.
......@@ -79,6 +80,7 @@ command from its shell:
feature:install acrepo-exts-fits
feature:install acrepo-exts-image
feature:install acrepo-exts-jsonld
feature:install acrepo-exts-ldpath
feature:install acrepo-exts-pcdm
feature:install acrepo-exts-serialize-xml
feature:install acrepo-exts-template
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