Commit b7ea6af0 authored by acoburn's avatar acoburn
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Minor code fix (tests still don't work)

parent fd89d16d
......@@ -88,10 +88,11 @@ public class EntailmentServiceImpl implements EntailmentService {
final Model entailed = createDefaultModel();
fullModel.listStatements().filterDrop(t -> rdfsModel.contains(t.getSubject(), null))
// We don't care about rdfs:Class and rdfs:Resource types
.filterDrop(t -> t.matches(null, RDF.type.asNode(), RDFS.Class.asNode()) ||
t.matches(null, RDF.type.asNode(), RDFS.Resource.asNode()))
.filterDrop(t -> t.asTriple().matches(null, RDF.type.asNode(), RDFS.Class.asNode()) ||
t.asTriple().matches(null, RDF.type.asNode(), RDFS.Resource.asNode()))
.filterDrop(t -> rdfsModel.contains(t.getSubject(), null))
final ByteArrayOutputStream baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
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