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Repository ID Minting Service
This module mints random IDs for use with a repository. The service implements
Fedora's `UniqueValueSupplier` from `fcrepo-kernel-api`. The service is used with
the `acrepo-idiomatic` service, but it can be replaced with any service that
implements the same interface, using ``.
To build this project use
mvn install
Deploying in OSGi
Each of these projects can be deployed in an OSGi container. For example using
[Apache ServiceMix]( or
[Apache Karaf](, you can run the following
command from its shell:
feature:repo-add mvn:edu.amherst.acdc/acrepo-karaf/LATEST/xml/features
feature:install acrepo-mint-service
Or by copying any of the compiled bundles into `$KARAF_HOME/deploy`.
The application can be configured by creating the following configuration
file `$KARAF_HOME/etc/`. The following values
are available for configuration:
Set the length of the newly minted ID field
By editing this file, any currently running routes will be immediately redeployed
with the new values.
For more help see the Apache Camel documentation
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