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Update README, removing refs to acrepo-libs-* features

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......@@ -43,16 +43,6 @@ These modules listen to repository events and react accordingly.
* [`acrepo-connector-idiomatic-pgsql`](acrepo-connector-idiomatic-pgsql): Id Mapping Service Database: This exposes a Postgres datastore for use with the Id Mapping service
* [`acrepo-connector-triplestore`](acrepo-connector-triplestore): Triplestore Indexing Service: This indexes LDP resources into named graphs in an external triplestore.
Other OSGi Features
In addition to what is listed above, a number of Karaf features are made available to make it easier to install
sets of related bundles in an OSGi container.
* `acrepo-libs-jackson`: The [Jackson]( JSON libraries
* `acrepo-libs-jena`: The [Jena 3.x]( libraries
* `acrepo-libs-jsonld`: The [JSON-LD]( libraries
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